Singapore Grand Prix

Fringe Events

2016, 2017, 2018


The Singapore Grand Prix, F1 Formula Night Race has drawn crowds all over the year to visit Singapore, enjoy the races and a series of ground events held by its partners. With a calendar of events lined up for the Race, event goers get to experience up close and personal the sensation of racing on the tracks and meet up with the racers from different countries. To service the event goers, the event organiser lined up a complete ticketing package from unique access to pit lane walks, behind the scenes tours, hospitality services, driver meet-and-greet, accommodation booking, to event tickets for premier seating locations. iGo is proud to be part of the Singapore Grand Prix’s fringe events to offer our services to meet the event needs with services including:

  • Ticketing & Registrations Solutions for;

    • “Thursday Pitlane Experience"

    • Marina Bay Circuit Tour

    • SGP Pitlane Seminar

    • Fit For Racing Challenge

  • Branding & Marketing Solutions

    • Customized event ticketing booking landing page

    • Onsite Ticket Scanning

    • Limited additions PVC plastic ticket cards branded with SGP images


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