With tons of data collected from the start of the event to the end, it can be a daunting task to understand or make sense of the numbers. We understand your frustrations trying to sort out the data and what really matters. The keys are CONTEXT and INSIGHTS.

 Numbers do not lie. With the data, we create context behind the numbers, highlight important information, elements and trends for your analysis and reporting. With the insights gained, we can help you to measure up to against competitors and benchmark set so that your business can thrive. 


iGo Analysis & Reporting solutions create categories of data and sort the data according to various criteria. These data are then presented in a meaningful report that is easy to understand with interpretation to the insights, trends and behaviours presented. With the help of pie charts, graphs, tables, bar graphs and data interpretation, the quantitative and quality insights will aim in evaluating the success of your event and ideas for future event planning. Here are some examples of reports available in iGo platform.

Analysis & Report - Examples of Reports.png

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